CRBC Series Crossed Roller Bearings

CRBC series crossed roller bearing its outer ring is split, the inner ring is integrated with cage is full complement crossed roller bearings. The size of the inner and outer rings of the CRBC series crossed roller bearing has been miniaturized to a minimum. The overall structure is equipped with an iron plate retainer inside, which makes the rotation more flexible, and is suitable for places that require high rotation accuracy of the inner ring.

Product Features

1. High loading capacity

2. High rigidity

3. High accuracy for dimension and rotation.

4. Taking loads from all directions at the same time.

5. Smooth rotation

6. Small volume, space-saving

7. Easy installation and adjustment

8. Various bearing types and dimensions for your requirements

9. Providing customized design

Technical data

Part NO. Main dimensions(mm) Mounting dimensions (mm) CRBC CRB Weight
With cage Full Complement inner  ring outer diameter D width Chamfer (min) da Da Basic dynamic load rating C (KN) Basic static load rating Co (KN) Basic dynamic load rating C (KN) Basic static load rating Co (KN) (Kg)
     d      B
CRBC 3010 CRB 3010 30 55 10 0.3 34 44 3.83 4.13 5.29 6.35 0.1
CRBC 4010 CRB 4010 40 65 10 0.3 44 54 4.28 5.14 5.98 8.04 0.15
CRBC 5013 CRB 5013 50 80 13 0.6 55 71 10.7 12.6 14.2 18.4 0.29
CRBC 6013 CRB 6013 60 90 13 0.6 64 81 11.6 14.6 15.4 21.5 0.33
CRBC 7013 CRB 7013 70 100 13 0.6 75 91 12.3 16.7 17 25.5 0.38
CRBC 8016 CRB 8016 80 120 16 0.6 86 107 18.2 25.5 24.3 37.5 0.74
CRBC 9016 CRB 9016 90 130 16 1 98 118 19.4 28.6 25.9 42.1 0.81
CRBC10020 CRB 10020 100 150 20 1 108 134 31.5 45.1 39.4 61.1 1.45
CRBC11020 CRB 11020 110 160 20 1 118 144 33.5 50.7 41.2 66.7 1.56
CRBC 12025 CRB 12025 120 180 25 1.5 132 164 47.7 70.5 59.9 95.4 2.62
CRBC13025 CRB 13025 130 190 25 1.5 140 172 49.2 74.8 61 99.8 2.82
CRBC 14025 CRB 14025 140 200 25 1.5 151 183 50.7 79.2 64.1 108 2.96
CRBC15025 CRB 15025 150 210 25 1.5 160 192 53.8 87.7 65 113 3.16
CRBC15030 CRB 15030 150 230 30 1.5 166 202 69.2 108 85.9 144 5.3
CRBC20025 CRB 20025 200 260 25 2 208 239 60.2 110 75.3 148 4
CRBC20030 CRB 20030 200 280 30 2 218 262 108 178 133 234 6.7
CRBC20035 CRB 20035 200 295 35 2 221 274 137 215 168 282 9.58

Types of Crossed Roller Bearings

CRBC Series: Consist of an inner ring and outer ring, which is suitable for rotating the inner ring and outer ring in both

Structure of sealed type and open type

1. Sealed type: The seal has a perfect sealing effect, which can effectively prevent the foreign substance from entering the track and the lubricant from leaking from the channel. In addition, the seal has oil holes for lubricating.

2. Open type: There is no seal. The friction resistance is more minor. It is suitable for the use of low torque. The Open type also has oil holes for lubricating

Installing steps

Upon installation of the Crossed Roller Bearing, please follow:

1. Inspect parts before installing: Clean bearing bracket, central axle, or other details to remove dirt or grease

2. Place the bearing into the bearing bracket and central axle: As for the design of clearance match, keep the bearing horizontally and insert the bearing into the bearing frame or axle. If it is challenging hard the installation, use a rubber hammer to slightly hit every part of the bearing so that the bearing can be inserted into the bracket or axle easily. Finally, the sound change confirms the match of bearing and bare face. As for the design of interference match, Use heating or cooling to expand or shrink the parts for ease of installation. But the bearing temperature should not be over 80℃C. In addition, it has to pay attention to the hitting force of the bearing; if the point is too large, the bearing may be damaged. If the inner ring or outer ring of the split bearing is acentric, the bolt of the inner ring or outer ring can be loosened slightly. Then, turn the outer ring or inner ring up or place the bearing into the bearing bracket so that the bearing can be established smoothly.

3. Install mounting disc: Place the mounting disc on the bearing, and align the screw hole for locking the bolt. Tighten the bolts diagonally. Then tighten all bolts in sections. Prevent tightening all bolts at a time.

Description of lubrication

1. There is the lubricant in all Crossed Roller Bearings. So, the delivered bearing can be used directly, If the lubrication is insufficient, the friction resistance will be increased, and the service life will be reduced. The lubricant should be supplemented for the open bearing periodically, The lubricating frequency depends on the use condition- Installation sequence. The lubricant should be distributed evenly inside the bearing.

2. Prevent mixing different lubricants

3. If the bearing is used at a high vibration, clean room, vacuum, high temperature, or low temperature, the specific lubricant should be used, please contact us.

Use cautions

1. The average use temperature of the bearing is 10-80℃; if it is over this temperature range, please contact us.

2. If a foreign substance enters the inside structure of the bearing, the rotation route of the roller may be damaged, and even the bearing may fail. So, prevent the foreign substance enters into the inside structure of the bearing.

3. If a foreign substance enters the inside structure of the bearing, please clean it and then refill the lubricant.

4. Please do not remove the bolt and nut of the split bearing. Upon installing, please do not apply force to the bolt and nut.

The application of the CRBC series crossed roller bearing.

CRBC series crossed roller bearing is a lightweight, compact type with the thinnest possible inner and outer rings, especially for the lightest, with high rigidity. It is optimal for applications such as joints, swiveling units of industrial robots, and swiveling tables of machining centers. Rotary units of manipulators. Precision rotary tables, medical equipment, measuring instruments, and IC manufacturing machines.

Company Information

We are a professional bearing exporter in China, producing many different types and sizes of bearings. We can provide you with excellent service in a wide range of bearings with world-class quality, such as deep groove ball bearings, spherical roller bearings, self-aligning ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, thrust ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, needle roller bearings, crossed roller bearings, pillow block bearing, slewing bearings, plain bearings, etc. Bearings can also provide OEM services according to customer requirements. Our bearings products are widely used in various applications, such as port, ship, vehicle, mining, engineering, lifting, environmental protection, oil, chemicals, light industry, metallurgical machinery, the military, etc. Products are exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Spain, Canada, Italy, France, Finland, South Korea, India, Singapore, Brazil, Australia, and other countries. If you need crossed roller bearings, please get in touch with us.


1. Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are a factory, a professional manufacturer of high precision bearings, which has combined researching and developing, producing and marketing together. Taking advantage of the solid industrial basis of Hangzhou city, we grew up rapidly under the guidance of the pioneer in the bearing industry. After years of researching and producing experience, we have developed an integrated system. We have solid technical strength, excellent processing facilities, and a completed quality control system.

2. Do you have a stock for CRBC series crossed roller bearings?

Yes, we have many CRBC series crossed roller bearings in stock. Some are finished with precision grade P5 or P4. Some are half-finished as parts in stock. If there is an offer request, please contact us for a stocklist.

3. How about your package of CRBC series crossed roller bearings?

All small and medium-size CRBC series crossed roller bearings are Vacuum-packed + solid paper carton + plywood box packing outside.

4. Can you arrange shipment for customers?

Yes, we can. Depending on different requirements on delivery time, we can choose parcel service (FedEx, UPS, TNT, etc., 5-7 days), by air, or by sea for delivery.