PTO Shaft Replacement Of Weasler 6 Series

Ever-power high-performance PTO drive shaft is the most important drive shaft solution in the agriculture, and lawn industry. The ever-power PTO drive shaft is a complete assembly from the tractor to the implement. They are designed for continuous heavy-duty use and meet the requirements of large farms and contractors. Ever power PTO drive shaft can perfectly replace Weasler brand 6 Series

Advantages Of Ever-power PTO shaft

-Design adjustability (cutting by length) capability.
-Interchangeable with most competitive models.
-Spline and square shaft sections are available.
-The simple locking structure allows quick and easy assembly or disassembly with simple tools such as keys, coins, or screwdrivers.
The available extended lubrication electronic kit reduces downtime with lubrication intervals of 50-250
High temperature 3 lip seals can better retain grease.
-Customer-specific engineering and sales support.
Design features
-Easy to lock protection system: provide full coverage at the maximum angle, 360 ° friction welding on the protective cover, black, UV, and ozone resistance, and a cold-weather impact rating is -35 ° C, which meets and exceeds all applicable safety standards, and the disassembly and installation process is fast and simple.
-Yoke: interchangeable with all other Ever-power yokes and standard yokes on the market, cast iron collars, through holes to prevent debris from gathering inside.
-Crossover and bearing kit: high torque capacity and longer service life. It is made of high-quality steel to improve strength. The standard kit can be upgraded to or interchanged with the electronic kit.
-The same component design as Ever-power's home and metric product lines.

6 Series PTO Shaft Parts

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